Friday, May 15, 2015

How to Repair a Fiberglass Garage Door

A fiberglass garage door is a great way to reap the benefits of a steel garage door without worrying as much about maintenance costs. This is because fiberglass garage doors are essentially steel garage doors with a durable fiberglass coating. 

Benefits of Fiberglass Garage Doors 

Many homeowners are attracted to fiberglass garage doors because of their greater reliability and vintage look. As added bonuses, fiberglass doors help to insulate your home more efficiently, improve your home's outdoor decor and feature many of the same benefit checklist as steel garage doors. 

Things to watch out for with fiberglass garage doors, though, are small scratches or nicks that can expand over time. That said, you shouldn't be needlessly worried about touching up your fiberglass door - repairs can be done with over-the-counter bonding solutions, basic tools and an ounce of know-how. 

Steps to Repairing Your Fiberglass Door 

Locating the Crack 

The first diagnostic step you'll want to take is actually finding the crack. If the crack isn't clearly visible, then try taking your best guess as to the crack's location and listening. You'll be listening for a dull thud, which is indicative of a piece of fiberglass in need of repair.

Excising Damaged Areas 
Next you'll want to cut out the damaged region of your fiberglass garage door. Using a utility knife or grinder to take out the damaged area (and any enveloping bonding) will make applying the epoxy resin that much easier later on.

After removing the damaged area, now it's time to measure the effected area to accommodate a replacement piece of fiberglass panel.

You might want to install a waxed backer to make the actual installation more seamless. Waxed backers work great because they give you a more solid foundation to do your handiwork from while giving you a clean finish once you're done. 

Applying Replacement Piece 

Now you're ready to apply the replacement piece of fiberglass to the area in need of repair.

With your replacement piece in hand, fit the new piece of fiberglass into the area that you've cut out and press firmly to make sure that your bonding stably holds the replacement piece.

Making the Results Stick

If possible, try pressing the new piece against your wax backer for five to ten minutes to ensure proper bonding.

You can use a bonding agent like Liquid Nails to keep your replacement piece in place. Just make sure to let whichever bonding agent you go with dry overnight. 

It might also be a good idea to apply a body filler after your primary bond dries overnight in order to give a more seamless overall look to your new-and-improved fiberglass door.

Sandpaper can be used to smooth over your handiwork and paint can go a long way to removing traces of repair. 


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