Thursday, May 7, 2015

Choosing the Right Loading Dock Bumpers

The right loading dock bumper is essential to ensuring that your business and its fleet remain efficient and safe. It's not always intuitive, though, which loading dock bumper is the most appropriate for your business needs, inventory and on-site vehicles.

That's why we've compiled a list of different types of loading dock bumpers - from laminated and extruded dock bumpers to steel-faced bumpers and molded docks - to help you make a more informed decision.

Your business and fleet are worth it, and after going through this list you'll have a better idea of which bumpers offer the most in terms of durability, affordability and protection for your business' most valuable assets. 


If you're a business owner who cares about the durability of your products - and who isn't? - then laminated dock bumpers are a terrific option for your loading area. Why? Laminated bumpers require almost no upkeep and can withstand even severe weather without corroding or needing to be replaced. 

Laminated dock bumpers can help protect your fleet's vehicles and the building on which the bumper itself is mounted to. Ideal for businesses that have medium or even heavier traffic throughout the day, laminated dock bumpers can withstand the test of time and provide years of dependable convenience.
As an added bonus, many laminated dock bumpers work great with lock seals and help keep in cool, refrigerated air. This feature comes in handy for fleets going to and from grocery stores or other vehicles in the service and hospitality industries. 


Extruded dock bumpers are all about versatility and can be used across industrial applications as well as providing protection for forklifts, parking garages and even boats.

In fact, extruded dock bumpers work well both outdoors and indoors. Extruded dock bumpers look great and are made from a resilient rubber material; these kinds of bumpers also come in your choice of style and a wide selection of sizes. 

That said, extruded dock bumpers are somewhat less well-suited for heavy truck traffic than laminated bumpers. An ideal application for extruded dock bumpers would be a parking garage, marina or indoor loading area that gets light to medium traffic from forklifts.

The fact that extruded dock bumpers are non-intrusive, extremely easy to install and considerably more lightweight than other kinds of bumpers works in the favor of building managers and small business owners around the country. 


As you might already have gathered from the name, steel-faced bumpers can take a beating and work great to combat the abrasion that comes from trucks slamming against the bumper's surface. 

Steel-faced bumpers are perfect for protecting your building from high traffic in busy outdoor loading areas. This option, again, works well for high traffic since the steel-faced dock bumper's surface is usually reinforced with a half inch of extremely tough steel. 

What does this mean for you? Steel-faced bumpers will stand the test of time and protect your fleet for years to come. Moreover, steel-faced bumpers have less of a wear expectancy and longer lifespan than many other bumpers that combat daily high traffic loading areas. 


Molded dock bumpers work well in loading areas that receive relatively light traffic. These kinds of bumpers take their namesake from the fact that molded bumpers are molded together from composite parts. The final product is incredibly discrete and efficient for your business. 

In spite of the discrete size, molded dock bumpers are durable and won't rust or contort over time. Since molded dock bumpers can withstand inclement weather as well, they'll lend a helping hand for years to come.