Friday, November 7, 2014

How Good Are Insulated Garage Doors?

With energy costs these days, garage door insulation is just as important as anywhere else in your home. More and more people are using their garages as a work space or as a spot for social gatherings, its not just about storage anymore. 

You may be wondering what the difference is between the standard garage door and an insulated one. Also, whether or not the insulated garage door would be that much of a change if you have a regular uninsulated garage door. There are many good reasons why an insulated door is a good investment. 

Insulated doors are great if your garage is more than a garage.

When you use your garage as a hangout or as a workshop you want the space to be comfortable. When temperatures outside change so does the temperature inside your garage. With an insulated door the temperature will stay within a more even range. 

An insulated garage door will help keep your space warmer in the winter months. Likewise, it will keep the garage cooler in the summertime. This can be extremely important if your garage is connected to your home. 

Insulated doors keep air from entering into your home.

When your garage is attached to your home it is important the garage be well insulated. This is because the air in the garage can travel in through the doorway. This can mean a cold breeze making your heater run more often, or it could bring in unwanted heat. Both can mean an increase in the energy bills. An insulated garage door will help to eliminate the movement of air from outside to the inside. 

Insulated doors keep upper rooms comfortable.

The air in your garage can travel up through the ceiling and into the floor of rooms above. This can also cause a fluctuation of temperature in these rooms. With an insulated garage door keeping temperatures in the space fairly stable, the rooms above will not be affected. 

Insulated garage doors keep noise down.

With an insulated garage door you will find that life is a little quieter. It will cut down on the noise from outside. It also cuts down on the noise coming out of your space. This is ideal if you tend to work late with tools. The neighbors will not be bothered by late-night hammering. 

Insulated garage doors are better looking and cleaner.

An insulated garage door has a more attractive interior than a garage door that is not insulated. While this is not as important of a feature as keeping things warm, it is a nice bonus. Especially if you use this space to entertain and hangout with others. If you do entertain in the garage the insulated doors will be easier to clean, if you want them cleaned. 

These are all perfect reasons to have your garage door switched out for a new insulated one. If you do have a garage door that is insulated but find that it is not keeping the space comfortable, you may need to replace it with a better quality, more energy efficient insulated garage door. 

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