Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Creating a “Man Cave” in Your Garage

A man cave has always been considered the special part of the house and is allotted for him to carry out his pursuits, including spending quality guy time with his friends. The ideal man cave is loaded with all the items guys appreciate: a pool table, foosball table, arcade games, dart board, poker table, a well-stocked bar and a mini home theater. One of the main issues of having a man cave is where to place it. Some people place it in an extra room or perhaps the basement, but what happens when this isn’t an option. The only alternative source you may have is your garage. So what can you do to optimize space in the garage for your man cave? Today, we will go over the appropriate steps you can take to making your garage your new man cave. Let’s get started!

Putting Your Plans on Paper 

You should focus on how you want to get your idea of a man cave from paper to reality. You should draw out what type of layout you would like to have by taking into consideration building materials you might need. Building your man cave may be a long process from start to finish based on your unique style. But it shouldn’t just stop with unique surroundings, you have to remember to incorporate the flooring as well.

For a Great Floor, Use Epoxy Flooring

If you want to protect your concrete floors, then opt for epoxy flooring. When making a man cave, the floors could be stained due to oils or fluids, and this will cause damage due to its corrosive effects. When you coat your concrete floor with epoxy, it forms a protective layer on top and fluids or oil will not penetrate into the floor. In addition to this, epoxy forms a much harder and durable film when compare to other paints, and gives you a floor like no other. You can custom design your floor with epoxy to have your friends wondering how this work of art was perfected. As an example if you choose a metallic pearl epoxy floor, and not only does it look cool but it hides repair work that may have been done to the surface, and it is simple to maintain its glossy look.

Insulating Your Garage

Your garage tends to be one of the most uninsulated portions of your home. It’s important to have properly installed installation to keep your man cave cool in the summertime and warm in the winter time. This would include insulating your garage door and can be easily done by yourself though online DIY or by contacting a local contractor in your area that knows how to handle this kind of work.

Stepping Up the Electrical Work

Typical man caves have extra goodies like flat screen TV's and stereo equipment and the typical garage may or may not have the proper electrical outlets in place. Electricity can be very dangerous if not respected. You should seek the help of a certified electrician in your area to install extra outlets to make sure everything is up to code.

Sharing Your Man Cave Creation
As guys, we all need a place to call our own in our homes. A place to escape from the wife and kids where we can relax and call our own. We hope that you take into consideration some of the steps you learned today to transform your garage into the ultimate man cave. Good luck!